Great Plains Trail

If you enjoy birdwatching, wildlife photography or spectacular landscapes, you need to experience western Oklahoma.  The great plains of western Oklahoma are home to a diversity of unique and interesting wildlife species

The Great Plains Trail consists of 13 highway-based driving loops that span the entire western portion of the state.  Each loop guides travelers through areas with the best opportunities to view wildlife and includes designated stopping points on both public and private areas.       







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Great Plains Trail Story Map           


From antelope to armadillos, from bison to butterflies, from roadrunners to ringtail cats, western Oklahoma and the Great Plains Trail abound with wildlife. In addition to wildlife viewing, you'll encounter opportunities to hike, ride horses, go caving, dig for crystals, swim, rock climb, camp, boat, hunt, fish and explore museums and historic markers.

As you travel western Oklahoma you'll meet welcoming people, experience friendly small towns, and discover breathtaking landscapes. Wide, lazy rivers, deep red canyons, sparkling lakes, shimmering salt flats, bubbling springs, seas of prairie grasses and star studded skies, all await your exploration.


Oklahoma Panhandle:        Black Mesa Loop                          Wildlife Checklist

                                       Playa Lake Loop              Wildlife Checklist

                                       High Plains Loop              Wildlife Checklist

Northwest Oklahoma:    Sand Hills Loop                Wildlife Checklist

                                                                              Bats and Bluffs Loop                Wildlife Checklist

                                       Salt Plains Loop                Wildlife Checklist

                                       Cimarron Loop                  Wildlife Checklist

                                                                              Gloss Mountain Loop        Wildlife Checklist

                                       South Canadian Loop       Wildlife Checklist

Southwest Oklahoma:   Chief Black Kettle Loop     Wildlife Checklist                                                

                                      Caddo Canyons Loop        Wildlife Checklist

                                      Quartz Mountain Loop       Wildlife Checklist

                                      Hackberry Flat Loop          Wildlife Checklist

Click here to see an interactive map of the Great Plains Trail and the destinations. 



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